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Tai Olaniyi: Of Christmas and Nigeria’s nationhood


By Tai Olaniyi
Humanity is united in the birth of Christ as epitomized by our Lord Jesus Christ whose mundane birth is as controversial in date just as his death and resurrection.
The birth of Christ is of the Divine source, nature applauds him in the sign of the Star which appeared to the 3 wise ones from the East, the Magi full of arcane wisdom who had a very sound knowledge of his mission, his being The Christ in mortal flesh, the Yehoshua who would reconcile, redeem and restore humanity to the ever-living God of all created in heaven and on earth. Whether or not Jesus Christ was born on 25th December as were of Avatars before him, his kingly status of all living beings ever created cannot be disputed.
His humble birth in a grotto, manger, or cave and humility personified despite the immense power he espoused in myriad ways, are virtues every true seeker of light aspires, perspires, and inspires about.
Three symbolic initiations our Lord Jesus Christ passed through, his birth through the Holy Mary, his growth and learning especially the esoteric and mystical through the portal of the Essene Brotherhood, and his crucifixion and resurrection and the meanings they impart at both the mundane and spiritual levels.
There is that ambiance and radiance surrounding the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ, there is the conviction of the divinity, of the highest power encased in an innocent pure soul in baby Jesus.
Also, the confusion in the heart of Herod the king who stupidly relish only earthly power forgetting its transient and infinitesimal nature. That again is the attitude of man towards the power that is earthly and full of mundane pictures but then their encumbrances.
Little wonder that even the Christiandom rather than unite in the mystical import of the birth of Christ in the individual self, add the light of self to one another thus uniting humanity at the doorpost of God the Creator of every living being everywhere, Christians and their churches engage in inferiority/ superiority complexes of denominations, sects, creeds, and dogmas to such a stage of bigotry and religious merchandising.
Now, the Christ Jesus, Christianity, and the Christian faith daily lose their steam and respect and Nigeria’s nationhood is at the peril of nonexistence.
We today germinate in predictions and prophecies by and of all sorts of personages that Nigeria would no longer be, yet we refuse to go scientific in thoughts and conducts that God’s ways are unlike ours.
Rather than applaud the Christ in us all and that if the Cosmic Christ equally has and takes birth in us all Nigerians not minding our religious persuasions or the non of it, Nigerians which we all are can be veritable channels for our true nationhood.
Religious sentiments are daily taking a toll on all aspects of our national life. The desired unity in Christ’s birth and its potential in each Nigerian plummets us in not only our different religious faiths but even amongst the Christian adherents, denominations, sects, and positions occupied.
When high in sacerdotal hierarchies of the church as lords spiritual and /or hobnob with those in corridors of power, many in thoughts and conducts are like those our late and revered Obafemi Awolowo described as being full of filth and odor of corruption.
Our beloved nation Nigeria is engrossed in the abyss of corruption which our Lord Jesus Christ detests and condemned in “My Father’s house of worship has become the den of thieves, stealing in the name of the Lord”.
Bloodshed is mounting from ponds and their ripples to being seas and growing to be an ocean whereas at the Cross of Calvary Jesus the Christ had long paid and compensated for this unfortunate recurrence in our national life.
Where lies the beauty of Christ in our lives as Christians?
Not in mere Churchianity or discriminatory practices inherent in Christian religion today, sure not in talismanic mantles, anointing oil, corrupted and corruptible tithes, and dividends of political patronages. Hmm mm, have we bothered to ponder in wonderment of awesome power of Christ within us all as Jesus the Christ once did in the wilderness, at the peak of the mountain till he brought the beauty of his mystic Christ personality for even the blind to see all over the world thus necessitating the celebration of Today?
Think about this while taking cognizance of the philosophy behind the “War Against Indiscipline” which states thus:
” The present generation of Nigerians and even the upcoming ones have no other country to call their home.
Nigeria belongs to all and we must all remain here to salvage it together.”
May the Cosmic Christ imbue our beings so in Light, Life, and Love we jointly build and unite Nigerians, Nigeria, and humanity with God the Creator of every living being, everywhere.
God Bless Nigeria, Merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year