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Nature’s Wind …, by Gbemisola Adeoti


By Gbemisola Adeoti

If water is all that nature offers you
from its pool of plenty
make a waterfall out of a small stream
to sate the torrid taste of tourists
for pleasurable wonders around the globe.

If what providence proffers is only orangutan;
the denizen of Sumatra and Borneo forests
pluck oranges of success from its two eyes
and suck the sweetness of life
out of its shaggy hair and coarse face.

If nature’s wind blows you to Rome
mount the whirlwind of freedom
hold its rein tight on the saddle
and roam about the city of Rome unrestrained
like a lost ant in a sugar pyramid.

Drums and fanfare herald the presence
of those who kick mare out of nightmare
like a wayward ball down the valley
but those who refuse to make hay
before the sun goes haywire
end up like a star witness in the box
who has everything but no wit.