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Jesutega Onokpasa: Labouring in vain for the so-called FBI files on President Tinubu


By Jesutega Onokpasa

Regarding the so-called Federal Bureau of Investigations, FBI, files on President Bola Tinubu, which Atiku Abubarkar, Peter Obi and their pitiable minions have now latched onto for the purpose of stealing President Tinubu’s mandate, having woefully failed to make traction through every other kindergarten excuse they have deployed thus far, Presidential Adviser, Bayo Onanuga wrote:

“The Obidients and Atiku Abubakar’s followers have begun another round of propaganda and campaign of falsehood over the move Friday by Atiku-Obi and David Hundeyin’s contractor Aaron Greenspan, to stampede the Washington DC court to change its earlier order on FBI to release documents on President Bola Tinubu’s forfeiture case of 1993.

“Atiku had wasted tons of dollars hiring Angela Liu to check President Tinubu’s record at Chicago State University. What he got in the main was a confirmation that President Tinubu attended the school, passed out in flying colours and did not forge any certificate.

“The February 2023 election losers, Peter Obi and Atiku, are now attempting to cling onto another straw, hoping for magic at the Supreme Court.

“On Thursday, Peter Obi forwarded to Greenspan, the Supreme Court notice of hearing for the appeal that will begin on Monday 23 October.

“We do not know the brief Obi gave Greenspan, but Greenspan rushed to the District Court in the US capital, with an emergency motion asking the court to compel the FBI produce documents on our President immediately. The FBI had earlier agreed to produce the documents at the end of October.

“His motion may be heard on Monday 23 October, if all parties agree.

“To support his motion, the American made some allegations against the judiciary in Nigeria, as fed by Hundeyin, Obi and Atiku. He claimed the Supreme Court hearing date which he labelled as sudden, was intended to front-run the release of the FBI documents. To him, the FBI documents are relevant to the case in Nigeria.

“After reading Greenspan’s motion, one is left with the impression that the guy is very ignorant of our laws and our democracy and he is nothing but an interloper, in a matter clearly outside US jurisdiction.

“Atiku, Obi and Hundeyin who are his cheerleaders have clearly misled this guy, whose account was suspended by X in June, along with that of his Plainsite.

“To the Obidients, the easily excitable Hundeyin and Atiku followers, I will just implore you to wait until the DC District Court decides on the matter, rather than rushing to the social media space with wild conjectures and extrajudicial trial of Nigeria’s elected President.

“Mr Greenspan, who is your collaborator in the latest fishing expedition is not so excitable. On his Plainsite-org, he already posted a reply by IRS that it has no FOIA records on President Tinubu’s 1993 civil case:


“Just like the Chicago case, this one too in DC will lead to nothing.”

My take:
Atiku Abubarkar and his little boy with the sugarcoated tongue, effeminate proclivities and girlish voice, Peter Obi, are in the grip of excruciating trauma and desperately require therapy.

If therapy for post election loss traumatic stress disorder, PELTSD, happens not to be a sufficient remedy in the circumstance, then I must recommend deliverance from the stronghold of falsehood and edifice of false hope in which Satan continues to sadistically detain them.

I am truly mystified by the utterly stupefying antics of these two pathetic losers seemingly quite prepared to burn down their supposed country in order to “reclaim” what was never theirs in the first place.

Indeed, what have the battalions of lawyers they have briefed been telling them?

Why do these people think they can just gaslight everyone?

Just for argument’s sake, suppose the FBI even had a file on me, for instance, that at some point in my life, I had murdered someone in America and fled back to Nigeria?

Funny enough, it actually goes to absolutely no issue, whatsoever, in law!

Indeed, it would still be mere allegation and ordinary suspicion with respect to which the law insists I am to be presumed innocent until proven guilty.

Until and unless they charged me to court and succeeded in convicting me, I would still be innocent!

I mean, it’s slightly a different matter if they were even asking that I be extradited, whereupon I would nevertheless still be presumed innocent until tried and pronounced guilty.

In a situation wherein I was never indicted, put on trial or convicted, is that supposed to be any issue in law?

Law before which court?

The Supreme Court of Nigeria?

That couldn’t even be the law before a customary court and is not the law in absolutely any court in absolutely any country in this world!

Even a fresh lawyer that is still a Youth Corper knows that!

Maybe my learned silks, Olisa Agbakoba, Livi Uzuokwu and Chris Uche, should get in touch with Elon Musk’s SpaceX and find out how many years, if not decades, hence, they should be able to board a spaceship for the purpose of filing a case against Bola Tinubu before an extraterrestrial court on Planet Mars.

FBI files my foot – as if we don’t know law anymore!

If you have any files on me that even remotely contain the most vestigial imputation that may be prejudicial to my reputation, you cannot even release them to anyone or the public under any rule of law in this world, including, but not limited to any freedom of information law, for the time being in force, in absolutely any jurisdiction on Planet Earth.

And, if there is one entity within a jurisdiction that must not defame another, no matter the circumstance, it is the sovereign that must never denigrate a member of the public, indeed the government that must never cast aspersion upon the citizen.

If you have some information on me and you are sure enough about it, you go right ahead and charge me to court and wait for the court to make the call that I’m a bad person or you shut up, and, it is of absolutely no moment that you are the FBI or even the Attorney General, himself.

What any government in this world is not entitled to do is to aggregate information that might be prejudicial to anyone and having not charged them to the court of law, proceed, instead, to charge them before the court of public opinion by releasing such information.

This is elementary law, for God’s sake, and every lawyer, unless he is a quack, knows it!

I truly pity Atiku and Obi but even more so, those both con artists have scammed into believing they are going anywhere with these utterly nauseating shenanigans they have clearly become addicted to.

Atiku and Obi can keep waiting in vain for the FBI’s love because like 25% in Abuja, double nomination, IREV, Chicago State University and whatever else these two truly shameful desperados keep coming up with, they will still end up labouring in vain as they always have and always will with their latest crap about a television series called “FBI Files”.

*Onokpasa, a lawyer, was a member of the All Progressives Congress Presidential Campaign Council and writes from Abuja.