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Iya Hauwa Foundation conducts voter registration, school management advocacy campaigns in Jigawa communities


With less than 20 days to the end of the voter registration exercise, the Iya Hauwa Foundation team have visited Fajiganari, Rugar Mal Umaru-Kailare, Majanna and Bulturi communities in Birniwa LGA, Jigawa State for advocacy and sensitization/awareness campaign on voter card registration, education of their children and community based projects management system.

During the visit, the IHF team spoke extensively on the importance of voter card registration, reiterating the fact that identity cards such as voters card are required for actions such as opening of bank account, to empowerment opportunities and most especially to electing credible leaders that will manage their affairs.

Similarly, IHF team sensitized the communities on the importance of sending children to schools, stating that if their children are educated, they can represent their communities and push for the needs of the communities to be addressed by the people in power. The Iya Hauwa foundation team have advised communities that benefited from schools projects and 10,000 ltrs of water systems to constitute a Committee that will supervise these projects, making sure the school and its environment is always clean and safe, pupils goes to school on time, teachers are coming and entering classes on time. While committees on water projects to make sure that the whole area is secure and protected from intruders.
IHF team also talked to the communities on the importance and to have sense of ownership of the projects.
During this visit, members of the beneficiary communities expressed gratitude to the federal government through the ministry of works and housing and the Iya Hauwa Foundation for bringing the projects to their door steps.
The community members promised to play their role for the sustainability of the projects by taking care of the projects. They also promised to constitute some members (as a committee) that will look after the water system and its maintenance, as well contribute a token amount of money that will take care of the maintenance in the event of unforeseen problem that will arise in future.
Regarding the schools, the communities promised to strengthen the community school-based management committee in order to make sure the pupils receive quality education and the school building and its environment are well taken care of.
Iya Hauwa Foundation, as an organization that is rooted in the communities and is concerned about the development of such communities, have promised to continue to bring more protects and will engage relevant stakeholders to monitor these projects in order to sustain the projects for the longest time possible.