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Gbemisola Adeoti: A dawn out of the blue


A dawn out of the blue

By Gbemisola Adeoti

They squelched the sun into a dark jar
They manacled the moon in a cauldron of tar
The stars they squeezed into a burning bronze box
in a narcissistic thorny garden,
guarded by bees, wasps and scorpions
thinking that they have the universe
in automated frontward reverse
they encrypt history in agonistic blank verse
with rock surface confidence.

But swiftly,
a ray of light flashed across the sleepy sky
it dispelled the bland conspiracy of the night
and its damned clients: tormenters in chief
who robbed the nose of nature on red-hot steel
then, it dawned on all
the world wakes up this day
its light recovered
at a dawn unanticipated.