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Delta 2023: Isoko Progress Forum endorses Omo-Agege

Omo Agege

The Isoko Progress Forum (IPF), a platform of intellectuals and business professionals of the oil-producing ethnic nationality, says it has evaluated the manifestos of the various candidates in the upcoming Delta State governorship election and endorsed the candidacy of Deputy Senate President (DSP) Ovie Omo-Agege.

“We have also examined their past including education, professions, leadership qualities, and how they have impacted their respective communities,” the group said in a statement by Dr. Goodie Omuyeh (National Coordinator) and Dr. Prosper Ahworegba (Secretary General).

It added: “Therefore, we have come to the indisputable conclusion that Deputy Senate President (DSP) Ovie Omo-Agege is a great candidate. His pedigree, honest and pragmatic insight into our beloved Delta State’s problems and needs are unequalled.
“Furthermore, his willingness to examine the issues and listen attentively to the public’s questions and concerns set him far apart from the other candidates.

“Furthermore, IPF has observed that Senator Omo-Agege is genuinely committed to promoting fairness, social justice, and equity in the state. He has the qualities, comportment, carriage and demeanor to be Governor of Delta State.

“Therefore, IPF hereby fully endorses his candidacy in the unmistaken belief and hope that our Isoko nation which has been unfairly treated by successive governments in the state will not be left behind in his government.
“We hereby express our support for his campaign and urge all Deltans in general, and Isoko people in particular, wherever they are domiciled, at home or abroad, to vote en mass for DSP Omo-Agege during the upcoming election.”