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BlackBerry to roll out BB 10.3.2 and Blend 1.2 to all BB10 devices in the coming weeks


BlackBerry has just announced that over the coming weeks, it’ll be shipping the BlackBerry 10.3.2 firmware update and BlackBerry Blend to all BB10 based devices.

According to BlackBerry, the update promises to provide more security and privacy in a bid to keep your productivity in the long run. BB 10.3.2 will arrive with a lot of device-wide enhancements.
A few of the improvements rolling out includes, BlackBerry Blend 1.2 which now features a fresh new user interface enhancing better navigations around messages and content ensuing users feedback. Blend also adds spell checking and the ability to reply directly from within its notification pop-ups and visual enhancements to file transfers.
Also included in the firmware update is better anti-theft protection in BlackBerry Protect which lets you disable your device when stolen, Camera performance improvements – low light performance in auto-mode, improved face-detection, and reduced blur caused by motion, and Meeting Mode in BlackBerry Calendar.
Finally, BlackBerry advises you backup your BlackBerry 10 device before any update.