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Araba Ifa Agbaye to new Ifa chiefs: Work hard to promote Isese


By Sunday Olayinka

An unusually mammoth of crowd, majorly of Yoruba traditionalists, besieged the Headquarters International Council of Ifa Religion, Oke Itase, Ile Ife, Osun State, recently, to witness the installation of Babalawo Faloseyi Bamikole as Ela Ifa Agbaye and Oluwo Awoyemi Ajala Adebayo as Amukinro Agbaye.

Their installation was sequel to the screening and rituals expected of the exalted positions.

Speaking at the ocassion, Araba Ifa Agbaye and Olu Isese, His Eminience Awodotun Awolabi Aworemi, charged them not to relent on their involvement and promotions of Ifa and related philosophical activities.

The Araba Agbaye urged them to devote more time and efforts by sharing their experiences as a seeker in the santuary of Yoruba cultural existence and traditional engagements, adding that they should be at the fore front of advancement of Yoruba Cultural Heritage.

Awoyemi assured that Yoruba has a very unique and an acceptable tradition and culture worldwide, regretting that many people have jetitioned it for foreign culture.

While extolling the virtues of the new Ifa leaders, he declared that they were found worthy of good characters attached to the titles, saying they will inscribe their names on stone for generation yet unborn.

According tn him, ”we have investigated and screened you as a promoter of isese over the years. Your prominience and immence contributions are speaking volume about you. We urge you to be progressive and cooperate with elders in solving mirage of problems associated with the practice of Ifa religion in Nigeria.

”Don’t derespect your elders. Seek for more knowledge and critical advice. The mutual relationship should continue with people in authority”.

In an exclusive interview with City Voice and De Conscience Network Nigeria, Ela Ifa Agbaye, Babalawo Faloseyi Bamikole assured that all the bad eggs tarnishing the reputation of Ifa practice shall be thrown out, adding that programs shall soon be rolled out to strengthen Ifa religion.

Chantering and eulogising Ifa Oracle, Chief Bamikole reiterated his commitment to take the bull by the horns, demanding urgent recognition of Isese as the third recognised religion by the Nigeria government.

Presence at the occasion were representative of Ooni Ile Ife, Oba Enitan Ogunwusi, Ojaja 11, Olodumerindogun Awo Ife, Ajo Araba Agbaye, prominent ifa chiefs, family and friends.